Is It Time to Ditch the Passwords for More Secure Passkeys?

Passwords are widely used for authentication, but they are also one of the weakest methods. They are often easy to guess or steal, and many people use the same password for multiple accounts, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is why Firewell Technology Solutions recommends having a look at passkeys.

Remembering numerous passwords can be challenging, leading to habits that make it easier for criminals to breach passwords, such as creating weak passwords and storing them insecurely.

61% of all data breaches involve stolen or hacked login credentials. This is one of the many reasons why we were at Firewell Technology Solutions are so over passwords.

In recent years, a better solution has emerged: passkeys. Passkeys offer improved security over passwords and provide a more convenient way to log into accounts.

What is Passkey Authentication?

Passkeys work by generating a unique code for each login attempt, which is then validated by the server. This code is created using a combination of user information and device details.

Think of passkeys as digital credentials that allow authentication in web services or cloud-based accounts without the need for usernames and passwords.

This authentication technology leverages Web Authentication (WebAuthn), a core component of FIDO2, an authentication protocol. Instead of relying on unique passwords, it uses public-key cryptography for user verification.

The user’s device stores the authentication key, which can be a computer, mobile device, or security key device, and is used by sites with passkeys enabled to log the user in.

Advantages of Using Passkeys Instead of Passwords


More Secure

Passkeys offer greater security compared to passwords. They are more difficult to hack, especially when they combine biometric and device data.

Biometric data can include facial recognition or fingerprint scans, while device information can include the device’s MAC address or location. This makes it significantly harder for hackers to gain unauthorized access.

More Convenient

Passkeys provide enhanced convenience compared to passwords. With password authentication, users often struggle to remember multiple complex passwords, resulting in time-consuming resets.

Passkeys solve this problem by offering a single code that can be used across all accounts, simplifying the login process and reducing the likelihood of forgetting or misplacing passwords.


Credential phishing scams are prevalent, where scammers send emails to trick users into revealing their username and password. However, passkey authentication renders such scams ineffective. Even if a hacker has a user’s password, they would still need the device’s passkey to breach the account.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Passkeys?

Passkeys are a promising future authentication technology, but there are some current limitations.

Passkeys Aren’t Yet Widely Adopted

One main disadvantage is the limited adoption of passkeys. Many websites and cloud services still rely on passwords and lack passkey capabilities, requiring users to continue using passwords until passkeys become more prevalent.

Using passkeys for some accounts while using passwords for others may cause a slight inconvenience.

Passkeys Need Extra Hardware & Software

Passwords are free and easy to use, while passkeys require additional hardware and software for code generation and validation. Implementing passkeys can be initially costly for businesses, but the improved security and user experience can outweigh the expense.

Prepare Now for the Future of Authentication

Passkeys offer a more secure and convenient alternative to passwords. Although not yet widely adopted, passkeys have the potential to improve cybersecurity and enhance productivity. Businesses may need to allocate a budget for their implementation.

This article has been republished with permission from The Technology Press.

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This article, adapted, has been Republished with Permission from The Technology Press.