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We offer a variety of business-class services
Firewell Technology Solutions’ deep industry expertise enables SMBs to hit the ground running.
Managed IT Services
We'll manage all of the IT like backups, software and security updates, and integration, so you can focus on your core business practices.
Maintenace and Repair
Firewell Technology Solutions can help maintain and repair key systems. We provide on-site service in and around the Visalia area.
Systems Integration
Building on one of our core values, Firewell Technology Solutions specializes in connecting and integrating services.
We help clients clarify their vision for business success, providing honest, realistic, and cost-effective technology solutions.
Cloud Services
We offer a variety of cloud-based services and solutions from industry leaders like Microsoft, Avast, Dropbox, and more.
Custom Computers and Focused Networks
We can advise and provide custom computers and networks built to help your business pursue its mission.
Managed Service Packages
Choose a Plan That Fits You!

Firewell Technology Solutions partners with businesses across the IT industry to provide amazing service, helping to connect the dots between people, products, and business opportunities, working with you in-depth to tailor-fit the management of your IT.

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Let’s make a plan that fits your business together!
Using Firewell Technology Solutions’ Managed Service Plan as a starting point, we can customize your plan with a variety of additional services your company needs to thrive.

As a standard, we remotely monitor and manage your devices and network, making sure all of your systems are fully secured with anti-virus, Internet, the latest security patches, and Internet content filtering, and we facilitate encrypted and redundant data backups of your most key systems.

This is the standard by which all other office productivity apps and suites are measured. Firewell Technology Solutions can manage licensing, configuring, and updating the latest edition of Microsoft’s flagship business productivity software.

Learn More about Microsoft 365

Use Dropbox Business to keep your files safe and shareable in the Cloud. Get your team collaborating in real time with Dropbox Paper! Dropbox Business is HIPAA-compliant, and Business Associate Agreements (BAA) are available upon request.

Working on the Web anonymously adds an extra layer of security because potential hackers have a harder time detecting who the sender and receiver of network data is. Let Firewell Technology Solutions keep your digital identity masked

Keep your Internet activities private and secure with Virtual Private Network proxy servers. Firewell Technology Solutions recommends VPN security particularly for Accounting, Human Resources, and computers with PHI.

Protect everything coming in and going out of your Network from malicious software like viruses, spyware, ransomware, adware, etc.

Data with Protected Health Information (PHI) requires special handling during transmission and storage. Firewell Technology Solutions offers a cloud-based backup solution that is HIPAA compliant (note that this service is an addon and is not included in any of our packages by default).

Firewell Technology Solutions recommends HIPAA-compliant backup services for any computer containing PHI.

This is a Complete “Bare Metal Backup and Restore” option for our clients’ Windows-based server(s). Server data is stored securely in the Cloud so that even if something happens on the premises (like a theft, fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.), we can rebuild your server’s data in no time! Firewell Technology Solutions highly recommends offsite backups for servers because of their often mission-critical nature.

Keep your most critical system(s) fully backed up in the Cloud to prevent expensive data loss and to minimize downtime with this service.

As businesses are ready to move their infrastructure (i.e. servers) away from the weight of on-premises servers, Firewell Technology Solutions can help guide the way to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. If your business requires local security policies (users must log in with a username and password, and their username and password define what that user is allowed to do on the device and the network) then we highly recommend exploring the cost-effective Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions with us.

Firewell Technology Solutions can make sure you and your clients remain securely connected using industry-standard best practices.